Creating a Conversational Branching Scenario

This guide will show you how to create a conversational branching scenario such as how to deal with a customer complaint.

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Step 1

Setup your new scenario

The first thing you need to do is to create a new scenario. From your dashboard press the "New Scenario" button to bring up the new scenario form. Fill in the fields giving your scenario a title and a main image. Be sure to select Conversation from the Scenario Template options.

Add your introduction content using the content editor then press the Create Scenario button.

A screenshot of the create scenario form

Step 2

Create your first step

Press the "CREATE FIRST STEP" button to bring up the new step form. Enter an appropriate title into the title field then add your content. If you want to have a 50/50 setup with a speech bubble and an image (which works well for this scenario type) you can quick add by pressing the "TEMPLATE" button and selecting "Quote and image 50/50".

Now fill in the data in your components. Press the edit button on the quote component and enter the text, select the style as speech bubble and set the bubble position to Top Right. Press save. Now edit the image component and select an image from your media library (upload a new one if required), set the size to medium and enter some alt text. Press the "ADD STEP" button

A screenshot of the create step form

Step 3

Add a choice

Add a choice to the step by pressing the plus icon under the step. This will bring up the choice form.

A screenshot of the create scenario form

Step 4

Setup the choice

Enter a title for your choice and be sure to leave the Target Step drop-down set to NEW STEP. This will point the choice to a new step and bring up the create step form as before. If you want to point a new choice to an existing step you can change the Target Step drop-down to an existing step.

A screenshot of the choice form

Step 5

Create the step

Fill in the new step form as required in the same way as in step 2.

A screenshot of the step form

Step 6

Add more choices and steps

Add more choices in the same way as step 3. Keep going until you have all the steps required.

A screenshot of the choice form

Step 7

Style it up

Now you have all your steps it's time to use the style editor. Press the STYLE link on the side nav to launch the style editor. Use the editor to set the colours, fonts, paddings, margins, hover states and just about everything else you need.

A screenshot of the choice form

Step 8

Publish your scenario

You need to publish your scenario to allow people to start playing it. Press the PUBLISH link from the side nav to bring up the publish form. Fill in the form entering a title and a version then press the PUBLISH SCENARIO button. This will generate a link you can share or embed into your site.

A screenshot of the publish form