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Build awesome branching scenarios in your browser

The spectacularly flexible and free browser based scenario software for non linear content.

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Build smarter branching scenarios

Browser based branching scenario software that puts you in control. From simple branching conversation scenarios or full screen choose your own adventure videos to immersive choice driven adventure games, we've got you covered.

Step by Step

Building branching scenarios is easy. Create a step then add some choices that lead to other steps. Soon you'll have a story that branches in different directions that twist and turn the way you want them to.

A screenshot of a tree of steps in Yo Scenario

Cool Components

With twenty-two (and growing) component types to choose from you're spoilt for choice. Pick from a variety of clever components including videos, images, galleries, sliders, charts to more advanced tasks like quizzes, chats, forms, hot spots or even VR to build engaging and interactive branching scenarios.

A screenshot of the Yo Scenario content editor

Style it up

Complete control over the look and feel of your scenario with custom branding. You can change colours, fonts, margins, paddings, hover states - just about anything you could want to.

A screenshot of the Yo Scenario brand editor

Get the inside info

Get in depth analytics on the player journeys through your scenarios. Publish multiple versions of your scenario with different configurations to the web, as a SCORM package or HTML.

A screenshot of the Yo Scenario analytics viewer

Get in touch

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